Follow-up to incident in Kankakee

Follow-up to incident in Kankakee

Message from KCC's president

Follow-up to incident in Kankakee

Posted On: 08/26/21

KCC Community,

By now, you are probably aware of the incident which occurred today (Aug. 26) in downtown Kankakee.

Area law enforcement responded quickly to contain the situation.  KCC’s Police Department secured our campus entrances. KCC’s officers were also available to respond to requests of support on-site but were not needed for the incident to be contained. KCC received information immediately when the incident occurred and were in constant communication with area law enforcement throughout the duration of the incident.  

Campus police and senior administration monitored the situation closely to ensure that there was never an immediate threat to the campus community. There was never a threat level which necessitated a state of emergency, lockdown, or campus announcement.

The incident is now in control and localized to downtown Kankakee.

Michael Boyd, Ph.D.
KCC President