Donations assist Kenyans

Donations assist Kenyans

Educational equipment and athletic apparel sent

Donations assist Kenyans

Posted On: 07/07/21

Following is a letter from Mombasa Relief Initiative, a non-profit organization. The most recent donation from KCC was sent in June 2021. Photos showing jerseys are from previous donations.

Dear KCC,

Thank you for the school desks, chairs, blackboards and other educational items you donated to the Mombasa Relief Initiative. This donation will be shipped to Mombasa Kenya via ocean freight and distributed to 5 underserved schools in Kenya. This donation will help students in Kenya have a normal learning experience.

In Kenya many schools are independent and get nothing from the Government, these schools have to deal with several major obstacles on a daily basis, lack of clean drinking water, no electricity, students that are malnourished and can’t afford tuition are just a few of the problems facing the schools we support.

The Mombasa Relief Initiative was founded in 2001 by 7 Americans and 2 Kenyans to deal with the lack of resources and opportunities for students in Kenya; our programs include: daily lunch program, Student sponsorship, Girl Power, Boys to men, Eggs for Empowerment and infrastructure improvements.

In addition to this donation we also want to thank you for all the sports uniforms and equipment we have received form KCC via Vernal Turner, these donations have been well received and helped us start soccer teams at two schools.

When this donation arrives in Kenya and is distributed we will provide pictures so you can see your donation at work.

Our sincerest thanks and may you have a blessed 2021!

Very Respectfully,
Don Harris