Later starting classes

Later starting classes

A flexible way to get more done

Later starting classes

Posted On: 02/05/21


Kankakee Community College is offering a variety of spring courses which begin in mid-March and meet for eight weeks or less.

For the most up-to-date options, check the class schedule (Classes by subject, then advanced search for meetings starting 3/15/2021 and ending by 5/31/2021).

There are four class types. Learn more about the online and hybrid classes on the online learning support page.

  • Live Online
    • Meet online at regularly scheduled days and times
    • Enjoy KCC learning experiences as you interact live with your instructor and classmates in a virtual environment
    • Accomplish assignment due dates outside of the class session
  • Online (On Your Own Time)
    • Choose when it is convenient for you to learn without scheduled class times
    • Decide when it best suits you to engage in learning activities
    • Finish all course work and assignments online by due dates
  • Hybrid
    • Experience the combination of in-person classes and online learning
    • Enjoy face-to-face time on campus in small class settings with faculty and students
    • Learn online in classes without set times or join scheduled live Online sessions
  • In-Person
    • Attend class on campus during specific times and days
    • Interact face-to-face with faculty and students in small class sizes
    • Follow social distancing and other established health and safety measure

Registration is available online and through in-person appointments. Visit for details.

General questions can be emailed to or use the chat feature on the website.