Summer 2020 stimulus going to students

Summer 2020 stimulus going to students

Distribution will be sent by mail

Summer 2020 stimulus going to students

Posted On: 07/21/20

Many Summer 2020 students at Kankakee Community College will receive a stimulus payment from the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

Before the end of July, KCC will send checks to summer credit students who haven’t received CARES Act funds yet. An email will be sent to students with a checklist of the requirements to keep the money. A letter going along with the checks will also include information to confirm the recipient has not yet received a CARES Act HEERF payment and is eligible to participate in programs under Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

The CARES Act HEERF is designed to assist students facing qualifying expenses due to campus closure during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Instead of an application process, the college is trying to reach the most students it can with the funds. In June, KCC received $633,577 in CARES Act funds to distribute. Some of it has already been distributed to Spring and Summer 2020 students who applied for relief funds.

“We wanted to maximize the number of students who would benefit,” said Michelle Hasik, KCC director of financial aid. “Many Summer 2020 students will get CARES Act HEERF checks automatically. They don’t need to apply. They just need to confirm that they meet the government’s requirements to qualify for relief funds. Most students will qualify, so we are happy to provide this simplified process to get checks to them.”

The total amount to be sent will be determined by KCC’s forecasts of requests from students for CARES Act funds during the rest of the summer term, plus the fall semester.

Most likely, students will receive at least $15 for every credit hour during summer, Hasik said. Checks will be mailed to the students’ address on file.

Students who accept the summer stimulus may still qualify for additional CARES Act funding, Hasik said. The qualifications and applications are on the KCC Financial Aid website.

The college is planning to also offer a stimulus to students who enroll in credit classes for Fall 2020, said Dr. Jose da Silva, KCC vice president for student affairs. 

Registration is underway for Fall 2020, which begins the week of Aug. 17. KCC is planning a “hybrid” method of course offerings. Most classes will be online. Lab classes for science and health careers, art studio courses, and hands-on technical education will meet in-person, following procedures set by the state. KCC’s course schedule details the plan for each class.