Listening and Learning

Listening and Learning

A Culture of Caring

Listening and Learning

Posted On: 06/03/20

Listening and Learning - A Culture of Caring

Dear Students, 

Since the events which occurred on May 25th which led to the death of George Floyd, we have all experienced a range of emotions. As we grieve together, each in our own way, we also make a commitment to support and care for one another. At KCC, we are committed to nurturing and sustaining a culture of caring because we know that the learning process begins with caring deeply about others as human beings.  

Right now, we need listen to each other, learn from each other, and commit to doing so peacefully. Throughout our history, peaceful protests have helped us learn more about each other, the unique challenges each of us faces, and ways to overcome those challenges together. Racism is a very real societal problem; it is systemic and harmful to everyone. Each one of us has an important moral obligation to do whatever we can to overcome racism and the impact it has on our communities. Sadly, George Floyd’s tragic death is not an isolated incident. His death and the death of others serves to illuminate the physical and psychological violence caused by systemic racism and injustice.

Our mission at KCC is important to us because we truly believe that learning enhances quality of life for everyone. As educator Paulo Freire often said, education is an instrument of freedom. Peaceful gatherings, whether those gatherings are face to face or online, give us a unique opportunity to listen to each other and to learn. When we make a commitment to learning, we also make a commitment to our community. A diverse, equitable, inclusive community is a community that cares deeply about every single person regardless of the many superficial differences which feed racism and other social injustices.

Please know that KCC is committed to providing a healthy, safe, and inclusive environment where everyone can learn. As we work through the powerful emotions associated with physical and psychological healing, we invite everyone to turn anger and fear into peaceful action, and make this moment a turning point for real change.



Dr. Michael Boyd
KCC President