KCC celebrates employment milestones

KCC celebrates employment milestones

Years of service are recognized

KCC celebrates employment milestones

Posted On: 11/05/19

On Friday, Oct. 25, Kankakee Community College held a recognition ceremony to honor 40 employees for service at the college. 

Brian Yeoman of Saint Anne (at right) was honored for 45 years of service, the first KCC employee to reach that milestone. Yeoman started at KCC on Feb. 19, 1974. He is currently the assistant director of the Physical Plant Department. 

“Brian has been instrumental in the maintenance and running of the college facilities,” said Rich Soderquist, director of KCC’s Physical Plant Department. “Starting as an electrician and working his way into the administration of the physical plant, he has been involved in all aspects of the college’s daily operations, and has been an important part of KCC’s expansion into what now includes the main Riverfront Campus and three extension centers totaling almost 450,000 square feet of buildings and 185 acres of campus grounds, all of which supports the college’s educational programs.”

Others honored were:

35 years of employment, since 1984 – Cyndy Riordan, administrative assistant II, Student Success Office, Student Affairs Department.

30 years of employment, since 1989 – Michele Buikema, administrative assistant II, Accounting Office, Financial Affairs Department.

25 years of employment, since 1994 – Frank Martin, technician I, Physical Plant Department; Mary Posing, assistant dean, Continuing Education and Career Services; and Judy Spence, administrative assistant I, Enrollment Services Office, Student Affairs Department.

20 years of employment, since 1999 – Karen Bayston, receptionist II, Enrollment Services Office, Student Affairs Department; Robert Gifford specialist I/technical support, Information Technology Services Department; Prosper Hevi, business professor, Business/Technology Division; Bob Ling, biology professor, Math, Science and Engineering Division; Dwayne Musick, academic advisor, Student Affairs Office; Brenda Newman, specialist II, Financial Aid Office, Student Affairs Department; and Kari Nugent, director, Marketing and Public Relations Department.

15 years of employment, since 2004 – Linsey Cuti, Sherry Kinzler, Pat Klette, Herman Martinez, David Massey and Pam Nault. 

10 years of employment, since 2009 – John Avendano (now retired), Tracy Conner, Jacob Fansler, Cathi Hughes, Rexann McKinley, Allyson Saxton, Chelise Slowik, Keisha Smith, Yuri Starik and Kenneth West.

Five years of employment, since 2014 – Robert Babich, Michael Boyd, Chenille Evans, Lamanda Garcia, Bernice Hinrich, Nathan Raimondo, Michael Reising, Karen Richards, Karen Slager, Timothy Valerio, Margaret Wolf.