Online Continuing Ed Computer classes

Date: 02/01/19

The Continuing Education Department at Kankakee Community College is offering a number of online classes for computer skills this winter. Start dates are Feb. 13 or March 13.

  • “QuickBooks 2018 series” has two parts. Participants will learn to manage the financial aspects of a small business quickly and efficiently using QuickBooks. Topics include how to utilize the in-depth features in the software to apply to certain business situations. Cost is $220.
  • The two-part “SQL Series” starts with Structured Query Language (SQL), a powerful and universal database programming language. The second part covers advanced techniques of writing powerful queries for complicated searches and data sorting. Participants will become confident in a wide range of advanced SQL techniques, and enhance their abilities in the fields of software development and database administration. Cost is $220.

These courses do not award college credit. More information and registration is at Call KCC at 815-802-8207 to make a payment.